European Union bathroom mirror

European Union bathroom mirror materials and manufacturing technology

What material and craft is used for the mirror surface of the smart mirror?

The past and present of the mirror?

The mirror is made of glass as the main material, and other metals, plastics and other materials as the frame. The glass is cut, edge(and polished if necessary), and the surface is cleaned, and then sensitized with a stannous chloride solution. Then wash, and then mix the silver plating solution and reducing solution to immediatelyimpregnate the surface. After the mirror surface is formed, wash it off, then copper plating and apply protective paint.

At first, people made mirrors by sticking a piece of tin foil tightly on the glass, and then pour mercury, because mercury can dissolve tin and turn it into a viscous silver-white liquid "tin amalgam". The tin amalgam is tight. If you stick it tightly to the glass, it becomes a mirror, but this kind of mirror is too time-consuming, and the mirror surface is not too bright, so it is gradually replaced by the current process.
The mirror used in daily life will have a thin layer of silver on the back. This layer of silver is not coated, nor is it electroplated, but is coated by the chemical "silver mirror reaction". Glucose water is added to the silver nitrate ammonia solution. The glucose reduces the invisible silver ions to silver. Particles, deposited on the glass, will form the silver layer behind the mirror.

What material is used for the mirror surface of our company's smart mirror?

We use EU-level mirror-making technology, which meets the EU's high requirements for the safety of making mirrors. There are 6 mirror-making processes, the first is copper-free and lead-free lenses, and the second is using 5mm high-definition Taiwan glass copper-free lenses. The third is to use silver ion plating, the fourth is to use anti-oxidation technology, the fifth is to make mirror-grade sandblasting technology, and the sixth is to use a waterproof paint layer, which not only prolongs the service life of the lens,And it can effectively reduce the probability that the mirror is easy to darken in use, and make your mirror last as long as new.

The above craftsmanship are all for you to have a warm, safe and comfortable home. Smart luminous bathroom mirrors create the art of light and shadow at home.
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