LED Bathroom Mirror functions

Function you know and don’t know about LED Smart Bathroom Mirror

To improve customer needs, Ningbo Corelead add more and more functions to LED bathroom mirror recently.
Ningbo Corelead Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research development and manufacture of LED smart bathroom mirrors for more than ten years, and has witnessed the development of LED smart bathroom mirrors. In this process, the following functions have been added successively, all of which can be customized according to customer requirements. Now the LED smart bathroom mirror is not just a piece of silver-plated glass on the back, it has become a multi-functional household appliance.
radar sensing is 3 meters, that is , when the human body approaches the mirror, it will automatically light up, and the mirror will automatically off in a time after a person walks away. The off time can be customized according to requirements .
When using LED smart bathroom mirrors, we have different requirements for the brightness of light. For example, we need a bright light when we make up or shaving, and when we wake up and go to the bathroom, we need the light to be darker to adapt to the bright environment. Therefore, most of Corelead LED smart bathroom mirrors can adjust the brightness of the light. You can adjust the light by long pressing the touch sensor switch. It usually takes 3 seconds to change from the brightest to the darkest, and then adjust it circularly. You can choose the brightness of the light as you need and like. The touch switch module provided by Corelead makes dimming extremely simple.

 The color temperature of the light include cold and warm. We use the sunlight, warm white light 4000k as the standard. Generally, the LED lights used on the smart bathroom mirror have three color temperatures to choose from: warm light 3000k , warm white light 4000k , cool white light 6000k, and color temperature change means the light adjustable from 3000k-6000k . These four types ( 3000k , 4000k , 6000k , 3000-6000k ) can be selected for color change customization . Take our touch sensor switch for an example. The first time
turned on, it is 3000k then turned off and on immediately, the light changed to 6000k . Turned it off and on again, the light color changed to 4000k , keep turned off and on, the light color is repeated. 

As the water vapor in the bathroom condenses on the lower temperature mirror surface , the mirror will become blurred. At this time, the anti-fogging function is particularly important. Corelead LED smart bathroom mirror will be equipped with a heating pad behind the mirror. Even heating through the electric heating wire will conduct heat to the mirror surface, let the condensed water vapor evaporate, and the mirror will become bright and clear. It is worth noting that the heating pad does not cover all the area behind the mirror. Generally speaking, 30-60% area of the heating pad is enough to remove the fog
on the mirror surface. Of course, the heating temperature will be maintained within a range, generally 10 degrees higher than room temperature will have a good anti-fogging effect. The anti-fogging function of the smart bathroom mirror of Corelead has two types: separate touch anti-fogging button switch control and automatic defogging after power-on.
The use of the Bluetooth module on the mirror has already matured. The main uses of the Bluetooth function are Bluetooth music and Bluetooth phones. Bluetooth music is mainly equipped with a pair of Bluetooth speakers, which can be connected to the mobile phone through the Bluetooth module, so that you can have music to accompany you when you take a bath and wash. Bluetooth phone is to receive the sound through the microphone, with the Bluetooth speaker, it can realize the function of making and receiving calls, and the effect is similar to that of a car phone.
Digital clock display is a very basic function. Generally, it can display the three items of date, time, and indoor temperature in a loop, usually switched every 3 seconds, and the interval time is adjustable. It is worth mentioning that although the clock display function is simple, it will make the mirror more modern and smarter.
Recently many users of smart bathroom mirrors need the function of weather forecast. Imagine that you can know the recent weather conditions and forecast when you wash or make-up in the morning. Is it very intimate? The new product M3017 of Corelead needs to be connected to the mobile phone App, then the weather station function works, it can locate the city and obtain weather forecast
information through the Internet, and can cycle display the forecast weather and temperature conditions of the next two days. The date, week, time, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, outdoor weather are displayed at the same time, and the weather forecast station function makes the smart bathroom mirror more intelligent.8 WIRELESS CHARGING
Wireless charging can be equipped with a wireless charging module, some of the Corelead smart bathroom mirror with shelves can be equipped. It can charge the smart phone with wireless charging function, provide the phone with sufficient power when you makeup and wash. I believe that through the above function introduction, you will have a better understanding of LED smart bathroom mirrors, you know what functions should be customized when you choose a LED bathroom mirror.
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