LED mirror acrylic

LED Mirror Acrylic: Application of acrylic profile in LED mirror

Acrylic profile are widely used in various industries such as kitchenware, bathroom and housewares, acrylic building materials, acrylic ceiling lamps, transportation products, leisure and entertainment products.
The application of acrylic in the field of LED bathroom mirrors is also more and more mature, such as handicraft lenses, mirrors frames, magnifying (convex) mirrors, LED acrylic smart bathroom mirrors, LED light mirrors, makeup mirrors and full-length dress mirrors.
Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, is an important plastic polymer material that was developed very early. It has good transparency, chemical stability, weather
resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, and beautiful appearance. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of machinery equipment and processing technology, the quality and quantity of acrylic handicraft products have increased, and the scope of application has also become more extensive.
The advantages of Acrylic profile:
1. Transparent acrylic sheet has a light transmittance comparable to glass, but the density is only half that of glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, and even if it is broken, it will not form sharp fragments like glass, which ensure a good safety.
2. The abrasion resistance of acrylic profile is close to that of aluminum, good stability, corrosion resistance of many kinds of chemicals, and the life span is several times that of ordinary plastics.
3. Acrylic sheets are not spontaneously combustible but are flammable products and do not have self-extinguishing properties, so acrylic products need to keep a distance from natural objects.
4. Acrylic sheet has good printability and sprayability. The use of appropriate printing and spraying techniques can give acrylic products an ideal surface decoration effect.
Acrylic LED smart mirrors are characterized by making full use of the characteristics of acrylic materials, sealing and shielding the U-shape, which can be waterproof and high light transmission. It is minimalist and beautiful. It is the best choice for family hotel bathrooms.
The high brightness and high color rendering can make the acrylic smart mirror reflect the perfect effect in the three-color light switching scene. In the warm light white light switching, with the light strip, it changes from the mirror and the acrylic frame to bring a new experience.
Moreover, the light emitted by the acrylic material, the soft light does not dazzle the eyes, and does not produce stroboscopic phenomenon. The mature acrylic technology has a certain effect of dust and mosquitoes.
The latest technology mastered by Ningbo Corelead has achieved seamless splicing of acrylic, which greatly reduces the cost of acrylic products. Please see in the picture.
As smart LED light mirrors have more and more functions and become more powerful, it is believed that smart light mirrors made of acrylic will become the choice of more and more people.
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